Kraft material is a fantastic choice if you want to go for that 'organic' feel for your product. It is low-cost and looks amazing when printed with black or dark inks.

There are some things to be aware of when choosing Kraft material for your custom box:

  • ⚠ We cannot print white colors on Kraft. We print digitally in CMYK colors, which cannot produce the color white. If your artwork relies on using white in your design, you must select a white material for your box. To achieve a white ink effect on a Kraft box, select Standard White material and include a simulated Kraft pattern in your artwork (available in our free Art Studio online graphics editor).

  • ⚠ Light or pastel colors on Kraft will look faded or even appear as a different hue. This is because Kraft has no coating (unlike Standard White or Premium White) and the inks will saturate into the Kraft material to some degree rather than sitting on top of the material. This impacts the brightness and hue of the colors.

The images below show a comparison of color print on a simulated Kraft effect printed on Standard White material (left) Vs. Kraft material (right). You can see how the inks have saturated into the Kraft material, are not as bright, and there is no white background color in the 'Just for Digital' logo box on the Kraft.

RECYCLING - our Kraft material is typically composed of approx. 30% recycled material and 70% virgin wood. There can be slight variations in the shading due to the different natural hues in the recycled & virgin material used. 🌎Our boxes are 100% recyclable.

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