For box orders, Fantastapack offers two options to create your custom artwork:

1. Art Studio by Fantastapack

Art Studio is a brand-new tool for Fantastapack customers designed to simplify your packaging design process. Art Studio enables you to build your own custom artwork online as part of your packaging purchase process. You can learn more about how to use Art Studio by reading our articles in this collection of our Help Center.

2. Adobe® Illustrator

If you would prefer to engage a professional designer to create your custom box artwork or do it yourself, you (or your designer) can place your artwork onto your Fantastapack dieline using Adobe® Illustrator. Your dieline is emailed to you once you place your order. You can learn more about using Adobe® Illustrator to create your custom artwork by reading our  step-by-step guide to using Adobe Illustrator to apply graphics to your custom dieline.

Whether you are using Art Studio or Adobe® Illustrator, make sure to follow all of our artwork guidelines.

For label orders, you will need to use Adobe® Illustrator or a professional designer at this time, as Art Studio is only available for custom boxes.

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