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Fantastapack® believes every business deserves beautifully printed packaging. Our platform empowers companies of all sizes to design and order full-color custom printed boxes and labels online and in any order volume.

Packaging Has Changed

Five years ago, it was nearly impossible to buy high-quality, full-color, short-run packaging and have it in-hand in less than a month. And ordering online? Forget about it!

The founders of Fantastapack® saw this as an opportunity. Our parent company, The BoxMaker, recognized that an entire group of packaging customers was being under-served by the status quo. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, subscription box startups, marketers and more – all of these people needed high-quality packaging that was easy to order at startup quantities, skipped the expensive tooling requirements, and required minimal lead time.

As an early adopter of digital print for packaging, The BoxMaker was well-positioned to make a pivot and meet the needs of this growing customer base. Armed with a team of packaging professionals from disciplines across the industry and backed by a 35-year history of proven manufacturing success, Fantastapack® was born in 2015 as one of the first web-to-pack online retailers of custom packaging.

 We proudly make our boxes right here, in the US!

You’ve Got a Need – A Need for Speed

Although witty high schoolers may take a day off to stop and smell the roses, you know that business never sleeps. In today’s need-it-now culture, it’s important for every company to keep up. Packaging shouldn’t prevent you from delivering the goods – that’s why Fantastapack® is committed to shipping your order within 10 calendar days from receiving artwork.

Fantastapack® manufactures all of our orders in-house. What does this mean for you? We control the process from beginning to end, and that has huge implications for order speed and quality control.

Powered by Digital Print Production

Fantastapack® runs on our powerful proprietary web-to-pack platform that automates many of the steps required to manufacture your custom boxes and labels. From the time you click your mouse and place your order, a series of events kicks off “auto-magically” and boom – your packaging file enters pre-flight and heads to our state-of-the-art digital presses almost immediately.

Why does digital print and finishing matter for packaging? Speed, quality, and exact volume ordering. Traditional manufacturers using analog machinery require high volume minimum orders to make a profit. Digital is different – it functions much like a gigantic version of the desktop printer you have at home, meaning it prints what you want when you want (and in full color, too). That’s packaging on demand!


Powered by Robots?

Although manufacturing automation is core to our business model, Fantastapack® wouldn’t be nearly as fantastic without our people. From customer service to production and shipping, we’re proud of our team and the attention to detail and quality that they give to every order.

We’re known in this industry for our fantastic customer service, so give us a try! You can chat directly with a Fantastapack® team member through our website during business hours (just click the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen). Catch us when we’re away? Leave your email address and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


The Future of Packaging is Now!

The technology that powers digital print, web-to-pack automation and eCommerce will continue to develop at a rapid pace. Fantastapack® is committed to the cutting edge so that we may continue to deliver beautifully printed packaging to businesses just like yours.

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