Gloss finish is a unique solution that provides an enhanced visual appearance for your box. This is accomplished through a UV curing process of the ink.

Unlike a varnish topcoat, UV curing only gives a gloss effect to areas of your box that have applied ink (any portions of your box left white or without artwork will NOT be glossy).
Please note: Fantastapack does not offer a spot gloss option so you cannot choose where the ink will be glossy within your artwork. All the areas with ink will have that gloss effect if you select this option.

So give your box that extra sheen to stand out from the crowd with Premium White with a Gloss Finish!

Please note: Gloss finish is not available on our Kraft, Standard White, PurePrint Matte or PurePrint Premium boxes. Kraft and Standard White materials are uncoated and do not support gloss. PurePrint Premium features a matte finish, which provides a very light sheen over the entire box.

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