Once you upload your artwork, our system begins to process your order. Once submitted, there are very few changes that can be made to your order. Any of the following order change requests cannot be made and require a cancellation, refund and reorder:

  • Changing Box Style
  • Changing Dimensions
  • Changing Material Type
  • Changing Print Options

If you wish to make a change to your packaging order, but have not yet uploaded your artwork file, please contact Customer Service as soon as you can at support@fantastapack.com. Our staff will work with you to determine if your change can be made.

If you used Art Studio, our free online graphics editor tool, your artwork file is automatically added to your order and enters production once your order is placed. Please be sure that your art file is the final version. You can edit your design in your shopping cart before placing your order.

We are not responsible for any mistakes in the order parameters you have inputted or selected, or for the content of your artwork.

For more information about our pre-press services, please read our article Pre-press Inspection.

For more information on how to change shipping methods once your order has been placed, please read the article Can I change the shipping option after my order is placed? to follow the appropriate process.

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