Our dielines are designed to work best with Adobe® Illustrator.

If you do not have access to this software program, you will need to purchase a license or work with a professional designer to create your custom artwork and apply it to your Fantastapack® dieline. For those with a double-sided print job, make sure you use the newest version of Adobe® Illustrator (22.1 and higher) in order to open your two-page dieline to apply graphics on the outside and the inside of your box.

Please read our Fantastapack Artwork Guidelines to make sure your artwork complies with our printing requirements or keep reading our Artwork Guidelines in our Help Center, Best Practices and graphics checklist section.

Once you have successfully placed your design on your dieline, you can upload it to your order. DON'T FORGET TO PRESS "CONFIRM" to submit your artwork once uploaded to your order!

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