When you launch Art Studio, your box is displayed on the left side of the screen, and the graphic editing tools on the right side of the screen. 

Above your box you will see 3 buttons: 3D, Outside View, and Inside View. Please note that Inside View is only available if you selected “Print - Outside and Inside” when placing your order.

3D view lets you view and rotate your box in three dimensions. The outside and inside views provide a flat 2D layout of your box. This is the canvas where you will apply your artwork. 

Once your design is complete, click over to 3D view and give your box a 360˚ (three-hundred-and-sixty degree) spin to ensure you’re happy with the placement of your graphics. Is everything on the correct panel and facing the correct direction? By double-clicking on your box, you can watch it fold and unfold. To make adjustments, simply click back in to either inside or outside view and edit your artwork.

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