Art Studio empowers you to upload your own custom print-ready artwork files such as your logo for use when creating your custom box design, or the ability to choose from a library of pre-loaded icons and graphics.

My Graphics allows you to upload your own print-ready art files and add them to your box. To upload your files, select “Choose Graphic.” In the dialogue box that opens, navigate to the desired art file on your computer and upload. Your file will now appear in the My Graphics tool. Simply drag and drop your file onto the canvas to add it to your box.

Standard Graphics provides a library of ready-to-use images and icons, including social media, shipping icons, holiday themed icons, and more. Click into the image folder of your choice to view all of the pre-loaded icons available to choose from. Once you’ve found just the right graphic, click to drag and drop your icon onto the canvas to add it to your box.

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