With Art Studio, you can customize the text and color of your box, or add a pre-designed pattern from our Patterns Library.

To add text to your box, open the Add Text tool. Type your text into the white box and choose your font and color settings. Your text will automatically appear on your box. Click and hold with your mouse to position, size, and rotate your text. Hold the Shift Key while rotating to rotate your text in 45-degree increments.

To create new text, unselect the text box by click anywhere outside the text box on your template and start typing new text in the Text field. To modify the text of your text boxes, click on them again and change the text in the Text field.

To change the color settings of your box, open the Color Settings and Patterns tool. Choose a color for the outside of your box by clicking into the color drop-down. Click and drag the white bar on top of the rainbow gradient to adjust the available color grid. Click within the color grid to apply a flood color to your box - you can adjust the color by clicking elsewhere within the grid. You can also enter exact CMYK values. If you selected “Print Outside and Inside” when placing your order, you can also select a color for the inside of your box within this tool.

You can also customize the color of your box by panel. To do this, open the Panel Color tool. Be sure you are viewing your box in 2D, and if you selected “Print Outside and Inside” when placing your order that you are viewing the correct side that you wish to edit. In the Panel Color tool, click the color drop-down and select your color as you would in the Color Settings and Patterns tool. Once you have your color selected, click the panel on your box that you wish to color. To make more panels of the same color, click on multiple panels. To undo a panel color, simply click on that panel again and it will default back to the box color in your Color Settings tool.

You can also add patterns to your box. To add a pattern, open the Color Settings and Patterns tool. Open the pattern library by clicking the down arrow next to Outside Pattern. If you selected “Print – Outside & Inside” on the product page, you can also click the down arrow next to Inside Pattern. Click on a pattern swatch to select it. Use the HORIZONTAL SHIFT, VERTICAL SHIFT, SCALE and ROTATION sliders below the pattern swatches to customize your pattern’s appearance and placement. Horizontal Shift moves the pattern along the horizontal access, Vertical Shift moves the pattern along the vertical axis, Scale allows you to increase or decrease the scale of the overall pattern, and Rotation gives you the ability to rotate the pattern around a rotation point.  For Scale and Rotation, the anchor point around which the patterns will scale or rotate is the upper-left most corner of the flat box in Outside View. You can undo any patterns by selecting “None” from the pattern selector. Click CLOSE when done.

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