Why choose the Roll End Front Tuck box?

The Roll End Front Tuck (or Roll End Lock Front or Cherry Locks (RELF) mailer) delivers great brand real estate and presentation value — offering your customers the ultimate unboxing experience. Featuring rounded flaps engineered to smoothly tuck into the front of the main body to secure the product inside, this box is great for shipping valuable items. REFTs are a go-to box style for subscription box companies and for eCommerce order fulfillment, and can also be used for sales kits, apparel, electronics, and more. While this style functions similarly to the Roll End Front Tuck with Dust Flaps mailer, it is quicker to assemble, slightly cheaper per box and uses less material.

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Custom boxes for shipping
Custom mailer boxes
Clothing shipping box
Subscription boxes
E-commerce custom boxes
Beauty products shipping box
Promotional products custom box

Size restrictions:

Depth must be less than the Length.

Minimum dimensions are 3" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (D).

How to Fold Video:

REFT YouTube Video

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