Why choose the Design Style Tray?

The Design Style Tray (DST) is a cost-effective tray that uses the smallest material footprint. It is often used for storing or displaying cans, bottles, or other similar retail products. DSTs have flaps on the sides and the ends are folded and fastened to produce a tray. Two DSTs (with one being slightly larger) can fit over one another to create a sturdy box, or one DST can be used as a lid for a Half Slotted Container.

DSTs may require tape or staples for complete assembly.

See box design here


Display tray
Product tray
Bottle/can tray
Retail display
Organizing tray

Size restrictions:

Length needs to be equal or bigger than Width.

Minimum dimensions are 3" (L) x 3" (W) x 1" (D).

Similiar products:

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