Why choose the Six Pack Bottle Carrier?

The Six Pack Bottle Carrier is a durable and functional box style for carrying craft beer, cider, hot sauces, spices, condiments, and other bottled and jarred products. This style features a sturdy top handle for carrying, while angled partitions add presentation value without sacrificing security. Our corrugated application is structurally stronger than chipboard carrier alternatives, making it ideal for heavier products.

Six Pack Bottle Carriers are easy to assemble with no glue, tape, or staples required for assembly.

Not recommended for shipping purposes.   Great for product packaging and display purposes.

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Beer bottles
Wine bottles
Hot sauce bottles
Condiments bottles or boxes
Jars or mason jars

Dimensions & Size restrictions:

Just enter the LENGTH, WIDTH & HEIGHT (Depth of the carrier) for ONE BOTTLE SLOT on the product form and our system will use that to calculate the rest of the six-Pack.

Length and Width need to be equal. 

Minimum depth dimension is 6".  This is measured from the bottom of the carrier to the top of the carrier.

Recommended dimensions:

12 oz. Beer Bottle: 2.5" (L) x 2.5" (W) x 8.75" (D)

22 oz. Beer Bottle: 3" (L) x 3" (W) x 11" (D)

750 ml Wine Bottle: 3" (L) x 3' (W) x 11.75" (D)

How to Fold Video:

Bottle Carriers YouTube Video

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