We print our labels in-house on an HP Indigo web press, which features a 13" wide print area. Labels are printed in rows in order to maximize this print area and minimize waste.

The maximum width for a label is 11 inches, to allow for a bleed and cut tolerance.
The maximum length of a roll is 25 inches (your label cannot exceed 17 inches in length) so you can calculate how many you can get in a roll with how many you can fit on one according to your chosen length.

As the labels come off the press in a continuous sheet, they are rolled onto a label core. Once printing is complete, the label core and labels are then loaded onto finishing equipment which die cuts the individual labels and slices the label core between each row of labels. 

This results in multiple rolls of labels for a single label order, which are then shipped to you and ready to be applied to your product! Although it may seem inconvenient to receive multiple rolls of labels, this is the most efficient and cost-effective way for Fantastapack to produce your order, and pass those savings on to you!

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