The PurePrint Materials Collection is the complete package for the moments that matter most. Specifically engineered for digital print, PurePrint Premium™ and PurePrint Matte™ both combine offset-quality print with premium materials to deliver full-color impact and attention-grabbing results — available exclusively from Fantastapack.

  • Premium Materials: High quality corrugated substrates designed to make your print pop.
  • Premium Print: Our HP PageWide C500 press delivers offset-quality digital print.
  • Premium Ink: Our True Water-Based Inks are a safe print option for sensitive packaging applications, including food and beverage, beauty, and children’s products.

PurePrint Matte™ is understated yet impactful, pairing a mottled white material with our best print quality to deliver a luxurious shine-free look using food-safe True Water-Based Inks.

PurePrint Premium™ combines our white material with our best print quality to deliver vivid, full-color impact and high-end results, using food-safe True Water-Based Inks.

Our New Food-Safe Material Line!

Make a statement with your custom packaging loud and clear with PurePrint Materials Collection — our new high-end, food-safe end materials and print combination.

We are excited to announce the launch of PurePrint Matte™ & Pureprint Premium™ — new high-end materials and print combination, available exclusively on Fantastapack, designed to deliver vivid, full-color graphics and attention-grabbing impact for digitally printed packaging.

Since brands only have seconds to make an impression with their packaging, we created the PurePrint Materials Collection to help you create a shareworthy unboxing experience during the first crucial moments that matter most. Delivering offset-quality graphics with a matte finish, PurePrint Matte™ makes a statement with your custom packaging. Be even bolder with your colors and finish with PurePrint Premium™ thanks to the brightest white material.

Food-Safe Custom Packaging

The PurePrint Materials Collection leverages a unique corrugated material specifically designed for digital print and combines it with the printing power of the HP PageWide C500 press. The C500 press uses true water-based, food-safe inks which comply with even the most stringent global food safety regulations, including Nestlé Guidance and Swiss Ordinance. Because of this, PurePrint Materials Collection is one of the safest print options for sensitive packaging applications, such as food and beverage, beauty, pet, and children’s products.

You may be wondering: Why is having food-safe packaging important? 

Because ink is applied directly to the substrate, digitally printed packaging requires that the inks be fully cured or dried during the end of the production process. Improperly cured packaging could result in smudging, streaking, and potentially a ruined print job. However, not all digital print methods are food-safe for primary packaging applications. Most digital presses use UV-cured inks that are not safe for consumption.

If these inks aren’t fully cured during the production process, they can migrate into the corrugated fiberboard or other packaging materials and potentially contaminate the product within. Ink migration can lead to serious public health and safety concerns and put both consumers and brands at risk.

Choose PurePrint Matte or PurePrint Premium for Your Custom Box Packaging

Whether your next marketing efforts call for high-end packaging solutions, or you want to ensure your packaging is food-safe in the event of ink migration, the PurePrint Materials Collection is the complete package for the moments that matter most.

Fantastapack customers can choose between PurePrint Matte or PurePrint Premium™ when placing an order for custom boxes. To select, choose a box style, add your quantities and dimensions, then select the PurePrint Matte™ or PurePrint Premium™ option under the Material drop-down menu. 

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